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Monday, 30-Jan-2006 00:42 Email | Share | | Bookmark
One week to go

Well I am on the down hill slid to Tanner actually coming home. It is nothing now but clean and make sure everything is in order. Actually, I think the super cleaning is so that I stay busy and the time actually flies by but shhhhh we won't tell him.

The kids are still clueless about him coming home in a week so I have done a good job of not spilling the news. I don't know how they haven't figured it out yet with all the cleaning and my panicking over the littlest thing that goes wrong but I guess they are just used to me spazzing for no reason!! Imagine that. Good thing they love me huh???

Well I will try to write again here in a couple of days to let everyone know the status of what is going on. As of now Tanner is scheduled in at 0310 in the morning on the 5th, though I won't actually get to see him until around 0700. The best part though is going to be coming home without the kids knowing and the look of surprise of their faces!!! They have missed him so much and a year is such a long time to be without their daddy!!!

Friday, 6-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pictures of Kids

Doe Doe 2005
Preschool Picture 2005
Tyler 2004 2nd Grade
View all 10 photos...
Ok, I admit it! I haven't been the greatest at keeping this up to date, but hey I am here with four kids, by myself while my husband is on vacation in Iraq ( ), so give me some credit.

Most are of the kids school pictures from 2004 and 2005. Yes, they had them taken twice in the same school year because of being at two different schools. Guess there was one benefit!

The others are pictues right before Easter, but I got them back about 2 weeks ago. Yes, like I said I am slacking in my duties. Please forgive me!!

Sunday, 3-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Fort Macon

Fort Macon
From the inside out
In Jail!!!
I took the kids to Fort Macon down by Atlantic Beach. They really enjoyed running around the fort and being able to look at all the old clothes and guns. I couldn't get them to stand still long enough to hear anything that was being said, but we got the basic information they needed.... I think!

It was a really windy day so being down in the fort was easier on all of us. The photos are taken in all areas of the fort, including the entrance, through a window (I was taking it from inside while they were outside) and in the jail portion of the fort. For some reason they really liked the jail... Should we be worried????

Friday, 1-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A little bit of everything

Dakota Tree
Tyler in Paintball Gear
Beautiful Art
View all 5 photos...
The first photo is of Dakota climbing a tree in her hat that Nana bought her. She didn't take it off for days and still won't if I don't make her. The only problem as you can see is that she thinks it goes with every outfit she owns! Lord help us, she is going to start her own fashion trends!!

#2 is of Tyler in his paintball gear in the backyard. We have gotten to play around a few times with it, but no actual wars yet as I have just been given one. So you know what that means... coming photos of battles!!! YEAH!!

#3 Our brave son decided to allow the girls to make him over! He was so thrilled about their artwork that he demanded a photo be taken and sent to you Daddy!

#4 & 5 DON'T PANIC... it is not permanent! Mom bought it for me when she was out here. It is fading daily, as it only last 8 to 12 washes but I actually love it. I am still leaning towards blonde and light pink streaks though for my perm choice, so don't fret. I can't be normal yeah know... that would be boring!!

Thursday, 31-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Graphic... Not for the Weak!!!

It broke all right!!!
Can we say Crooked???
A closer look... really close
For all of you who didn't hear, Susan (Tanner's mom) decided to take her dog running, while she was on roller blades! The pictures are the aftermath of this event. She managed to break her arm in three places, and shatter her hand.

The doctor was nice enough to take photos for her while he was performing the surgery. She now has a metal plate and from what we can count, 10 screws in her arm. She is doing well and managing to stay home by herself, with help from neighbors and friends.

Needless to say, I don't think anyone reading or seeing this should try this at home!!

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